Big Ask Question of the Day
Big Ask Question of the Day

Episode · 1 year ago

A Big Thank & Show Updates


Just a note to say thank you for listening to my new show.

Find me at --

Check out my brand new training program for quietly stubborn entreprenuers called 30 Days to Clarity at

Hi, y'all. I just wanted to take this opportunity to jump in the feed and say thank you. The podcast has been going for about a month now and it's really going far better than I expected. We've got a lot of people listening. I'm getting a lot of positive comments. It's really been great and I'm really excited to see so many people using it. I've had so many comments about hey, I listened to it every day. I've made it part of my routine. Put that question in my brain and I think about it all day long and I'm really getting a lot out of it and I couldn't be more excited because that is exactly why I made the show. Now it's been pointing out to me that a lot of episodes I ask you to comment and tell me something about the question or give me your favorite question, but I really didn't give you a way to do that and I should have built that into the show. It was kind of an oversight on my part. But you can find me at twitter, instagram and facebook, facebook...

...all at can't just stop. So can't just stop. You can put that behind twitter, facebook or into instagram and you will find me and you can leave comments questions there. And lastly, if you're a quietly stubborn entrepreneur who really suffers from shiny objects in Rome, and who amongst us doesn't, I've got a brand new program that could possibly really benefit you, and that's called thirty days to clarity, and it's all about creating a vision and purpose for your business that helps you connect with your ideal customer and find the perfect product or offer for them, one that's really going to resonate with your market. So if you struggle to create offers that convert, I would invite you to check out thirty days to clarity right now. Thirty days to clarity is available as part of the world's biggest product launch called BC stack and BC stack as...

...where they've assembled seventy four different products, trainings, courses, products on digital market, put them all together and one giant bundle and they sell them for this unbelievable price of only forty seven dollars. That's right, you can get thirty days to clarity from only forty seven dollars. Plus you get seventy three bonus products. So it's really a no brainer because once this is over, thirty days to clarity alone is going to be a four hundred and ninety seven dollar product on my website now. The BC stack bundle is only available until through June nineteen. So if you're listening to this after June nineteen, two thousand and twenty one, I'm sorry you missed out, but if you're listening to it before, head on over to you can't just stopcom thirty. That's three zero, and that will take you to the BC stack page, where you can find thirty days to clarity, as well as seventy three other products, all for only forty seven dollars. Again, thanks so much for listening... the show. Really appreciate you being a supporter and can't wait to hear your comments on twitter, facebook and instagram. See you later.

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