Big Ask Question of the Day
Big Ask Question of the Day

Episode 130 · 2 months ago

Calling you out today


Today's question is...

What am I most grateful for in my life?

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It's time for you can't just stop bigask question of the day. Welcome to you can't just stop the place for quietlystubborn entrepreneurs with big goals and green after encountering hundreds of highachieving athletes, entrepreneurs and world changers. I've discovered thatmany times their impact comes from the questions they ask as much as theactions they take. That's why I invite you to answer a question each in everyday to reach your door and now for today's question. What am I most grateful for in my life?All Right! Stop I'm going to guess that you named a person or your family orsome sort of relationship, probably a loved one, is what you named or kids,something like that and I'm going to challenge you to go back and thinkabout this question again, not that I necessarily think you're wrong,...

...but I think that's kind of the societysafe answer that we just go to these things, and are we really being honestwith ourselves about that and then, if you, if you still settleon that, the second part of this is are actually living that you actuallyshowing that person or that relationship or whatever this mostgrateful thing is. Are you actually being grateful for that and showingsome appreciation for that? Whatever this most grateful thing in your lifeis because I think so many times the newjerk reaction is just. You know grateful for my wife, I'm grateful formy family and grateful for my kids. That's just kind of platitudes, it'sjust kind of something we say when cornered with this question, becauseit's the easy answer. So, first of all, is it the real answer and that's okay? If it's not, let'sjust be honest, and secondly, if it is the real answer, are we actually livingthat out? Am I actually showing...

...gratefulness and what I claim to be themost grateful area in my life? Damn I kind of called you out on that onetoday. I feel bad about that, so we're just going to wrap it up e You Tomorrow.

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