Big Ask Question of the Day
Big Ask Question of the Day

Episode 143 · 1 year ago

I've got a case of the fuckits


Today's question is...

Where am I allowing mediocrity to seep in?

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It's time for you. Can't just stops big ask question of the day. Welcome to you can't just stop the place for quietly stubborn entrepreneurs with big goals and Greens. After encountering hundreds of high achieving athletes, entrepreneurs and world changers, I've discovered that many times their impact comes from the questions they ask as much as the actions they take. That's why I invite you to answer a question each and every day to reach your goals. And now for today's question. Where am I allowing mediocrity to seep in? Well, let me tell you. When I get a case of the fuck it's mediocrity starts to seep in everywhere, and that usually happens when I'm under time pressure, right like I got to get something done, and then it's just, you know, just fuck it, finish it go. And that's where mediocrity starts to seep in for me, and I don't know if that's a good thing or a...

...bad thing. I'm torn by that. That whole you know, done is better than perfect. I like that saying. I like to live by that. That's not something that's naturally wired for me. I like to get every little I dotted before I send something out into the world. But I've also learned that, you know, time kills deals, right, so the faster we can get something out, the better chance it has of succeeding, that we beat out the competition, that we just start making money from it, that we find out whether or not people like it enjoy it, you know. So the faster I can get things out, the better, but at the same time then I'm kind of compromising maybe what I want in that thing, and that's where this mediocrity comes from. So I don't know if there's a I don't know if there's a great balance to this question, because you'll hear arguments for both sides, right you'll hear arguments for speed and you'll hear arguments for, you know, perfection, like being like Steve Jobs, where...

...everything has to be perfect before we ship it. So I don't know where the balance truly lies. But today I guess I'm going to think about, you know, where this mediocrity is coming from and maybe maybe find the waves that are easy for me to fix, where I don't have to compromise so much, where I where I'm where I'm getting too quick. Maybe that's where I can look today. How about you? See You tomorrow.

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