Big Ask Question of the Day
Big Ask Question of the Day

Episode 182 · 1 year ago

That's total bullsh*t


Today's question is...

How much money is too much?

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It's time for you. Can't just stops big ask question of the day. Welcome to you can't just stop the place for quietly stubborn entrepreneurs with big goals and Greens. After encountering hundreds of high achieving athletes, entrepreneurs and world changers, I've discovered that many times their impact comes from the questions they ask as much as the actions they take. That's why I invite you to answer a question each and every day to reach your goals. And now for today's question. How much money is too much? I came up with this question a few weeks ago. I've been excited to get to this one because this one, just the genesis story behind this question just irks me, and so I came up with this a few weeks ago. I've been waiting for it to come up on the list and here it is today, and I'm kind of excited to get to this one because I think a lot of us have some...

...real head trash about money and I recently saw this meme on facebook. I know I shouldn't be on there, you know. Yeah, I should find better things to do with my life and then I wouldn't be upset, but I found this meme on facebook that I thought was probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen, and that is a meme about Dolly Parton and how she's not a billionaire because she gives away all her money and being a billionaire is, quote, immoral. I just freaking lost it. That is by far the dumbest thing I've ever read. So is being a billionaire IM MORAL? You know, how much money is too much? So that's my question for today. And and then how do we help reset our mindset around money? For me, it's been a struggle for many years to try to, you know, say that I'm worth making this much money, doing, you know, getting to the level I've gotten to. And it's thinking like this that is...

...what held me back for so long. And this whole the having money is immral, you know. So, okay, so being a billionaire's immoral. I looked up Dolly PARTON'S NOT WORTH. She's worth three hundred and fifty million dollars. Is that immoral? Where's the immoral line? What a bunch of bullshit. So where is the immoral line? You know, it's three hundred fifty immoral. Three and fifty million is a million. Dollars. A moral is a hundredzero dollars a moral, you might say, like Neil. Hundred thousand is and that much money. Okay, it's not in America, but I looked up, you know, some global from the global and Equity Organization, or in equity dot inequality dot Org, I'm sorry, an equality Dot Org, and I learned here that if you have tenzeros in net worth,... are in the top ninety eight percent of the global population. Yeah, it's so, it's crazy. It's crazy, you know. Would where do we draw that line? So if I have Tenzero, I am Orl let's stop with that question and let's look at the other question. If I had the money that Dolly Parton has, can't I do good with that money? She does a lot of good with that money. She's one of the most philanthropic, philanthropic people out there. She does a lot of good with her money. And that's what this mean was about that she would have billions, but she was giving it away because it's a moral to have billions. All right, how about Mrs Dazels? She just recently gave away shit load of money. Wow, she gave I don't even know. I think it was in the billions that she gave a way to charities all across, I know the country. I don't know if it was across the world, but she gave a lot of money to a lot of places, some of which came...

...right here, to organizations right by me and my community. If she didn't have billions, would you have been able to do that? No. So I think it's time we had a whole reset about this. How much money is too much money? I guess if I had five dollars but I was going to do something really bad with it, maybe that five dollars is too much money. Maybe maybe it's more about the intent of the money and not the quantity of the money. I don't know. That's probably not even true. Agree with me, disagree with me, coming over to Instagram, tell me over there. Can't just stop on instagram. You can find me and tell me what you think. If you have a number of how much is too much? See You tomorrow.

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