Big Ask Question of the Day
Big Ask Question of the Day

Episode 134 · 2 months ago

We're living in Facebook hell


Today's question is...

What am I doing to expand my circle of friends to include people who aren't like me?

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It's time for you can't just stop bigask question of the day. Welcome to you can't just stop the place for quietlystubborn entrepreneurs with big goals and Greens after encountering hundreds of highachieving athletes, entrepreneurs and world changers. I've discovered thatmany times their impact comes from the questions they ask as much as theactions they take. That's why I invite you to answer a question each and everyday to reach your go and now for today's question. What am I doing to expand my circle offriends to include people who aren't like me? We've talked about the evilsof social media on this platform before right on this podcast. You know we all get in these littlesilos right because in facebook we all have different facebook feeds andthey're like night and day, especially if you want to get political, Dangthey're, going to be night and day...'re going to see completelydifferent things on other people's facebook feeds and you'll. Wonder like.I really even think like that, because it's not even reality right, but it'stheir reality. It's not your reality. So today's question is aboutchallenging yourself to open up to some different realities. You know, manyyears ago we were exposed to people who thought differently than we did I'mgoing to talk like GRANDPA here, hey kids, back on now, thirty years ago,before the Internet, yeah like our neighbors, they didn't all think likeus. They didn't vote for the same people. They didn't. They didn't go to the same church asthey didn't. They didn't go to the same schools whatever it was. We were allvery different, but we lived together and that's who we hung out with becausethey were in our neighborhood and now our neighborhood is this fake facebook,twitter, instagram neighborhood that we live in these little bubbles? That hasnothing to do with our real neighbors...

...who don't think like us. So what are wedoing to expand that circle? You know damn it. I wasn't going to gohere, but let's go here. This whole world we live in now it'sjust become so freaking divisive. Everything is about separating US andputting us into silos, and it's done intentionally for money power control whatever it is. You know facebooks doing itintentionally because they make money off it. Politicians do it intentionallybecause they make money, they make power off of it whatever it is. We the goal of a lot of people in thisworld is to divide us and we're letting them we're letting them. So what are wegoing to do to bring ourselves to get some different ideas that aren'tthe same idea as we hear every day?...

I believe that makes us more rounded person, I believe it kind of brings well. Itbrings the world together right and I'm not saying we're all going tosing Cuba Kunbi and have a coke or whatever but yeah. I just think we need to have somedifferent ideas and not get stuck with the same ideas as we have over and overand over again, and it becomes a self fulfilling prospect. Prophecy of you know what we're thinking so thereI'm going to step down off my soap box, and let you think about that today. Howcan you find some people who aren't exactly like you? So can you you canexpand your circle and we can get out of this facebook hell we're living in all right. Deep Breath, see youtomorrow.

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